What You Should Be Reading 1/5

I know I’ve been off this week, but there is still a lot we should be paying attention to.

I hope you like special interest tax breaks. The fiscal cliff deal included “$76 billion in special-interest tax credits for the likes of General Electric, Hollywood and even Captain Morgan,” according to Tim Carney in the Washington Examiner. Carney goes into pretty lengthy detail of how and when everything happened to lead up to the cliff deal. It’s worth your time.

It’s definitely a conversation starter. And something I haven’t seen covered until I saw Carney’s story.

Now, I have to go back to India, which I touched on last week. The Washington Post has a “Rape Map” of rape in India. I saw it on Twitter and wasn’t sure what it was. I had to put it here because we should all know about this. We are all adults and we should be aware of what’s going on and what’s being done.

Women aren’t safe. It’s as simple as that. Rapes have already been reported across the country after what happened after the gang rape of the 24-year-old woman.

Murder in Chicago

Ever since June of 2012, when almost 50 people were injured and 8 people were killed in one weekend in Chicago, I’ve been keeping my eye on how bad things are there. Being on Twitter so much, I found a NYT interactive that highlights where the murders are taking place and so much more.

The analysis of the homicides compares areas close to murders to those that weren’t.
It was found that: “Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.” It’s worth a look and it’ll certainly open your eyes to how bad things are and where it’s all happening.

On Thursday, I found out that BuzzFeed, the “leading social news organization, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and social content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas,” completed a Series D financing of $19.3 million.

I’m a huge fan of BuzzFeed. I retweet their reporters and editors more than anyone else and I really respect what they have done and will do. They are very, very hot right now and it’s nice to see a news organization do well. The site is growing rapidly, with new bureaus and 40 million unique monthly viewers. And as I was quoted in Muck Rack Daily on Thursday… I’m super jealous.

via my inbox

via my inbox

Something that surprised me this week was Al Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV. Everyone has covered it and, as far as I can tell, it’s a pretty big deal. Financed by the government of Qatar, Al Jazeera is going to make it’s presence on Americans who don’t already seek out the channel. Pegged around $500 million, the acquisition “will launch a new channel that will provide offer domestic and international news geared toward American viewer,” according to Al Jazeera.

And if you’ve been wondering where ESPN Anchor Hannah Storm has been, watch this.


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