Don’t Beat Around The Bush

I know I should be on vacation, but I already have a lesson into 2013. And it’s one that I shouldn’t have to write about.

I messed up. At least, I should have known better.

I can’t go into specifics, for obvious reasons, but my boss made it clear that it’s not okay to be a nice guy. He briefly explained it to me, via e-mail, and I got the picture right away. The story isn’t anything to call home about, but it’s an important one.

And I dropped the ball. I didn’t include some crucial information. I thought against it for reasons unknown to me.

Mike wasn’t mad at me. He was nice about it. Basically, he told me that I can’t leave out certain things. It’s not the way to do things. He had extra time to read it and took the time to let me know what he had to change and what I should do the next time.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself, though. Obviously, editors are there to make sure reporters to the right thing, but that was something I should have picked up on myself. It shouldn’t have gone to Mike like that.

What I learned is that I need to be much more careful in what I put into my stories. Trying to be nice isn’t me being fair to the readers. They deserve to know what’s going on and how it’s happening. They don’t need to be led around by the hand. They want to know the bad and the good.

I’ve prided myself on always doing that. So, I really have no idea where my lack in judgement came from. It’s a bit concerning for me. I’m not happy to admit that it happened.

I figured putting it here would be a nice way to put myself on notice and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We’ll see what happens.



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