Always Offer Stories

I may have many of them, but I don’t like excuses.

This past Friday, I didn’t have to write two stories (one a page one feature and the other a 12″ page filler), but I chose to.

With me going on vacation and one reporter short for the week, he needed copy.

Every morning he asks what the reporters have to give him. He goes over what he is expecting, usually just the planned features that he knows about, but he always asks if we have anything else that we want to get in.

On Friday, he asked and I told him I could easily do a 12″ story for him. It helped that I had written the Friday feature on Thursday afternoon. I was done with both stories by 8:30 a.m.

The shorter story wasn’t anything to call home about. It was just an update to something I’ve written about previously. But with huge holes to fill and a shortage of photos, I wanted to do my part to help the paper. It’s just a small way of doing so, but it’s still helping.

My point is to always have stories ready to go. I don’t care what you call it, but just do it. Your editors will thank you for it and your fellow reporters will wish they had thought of it.

Now, I’m not trying to start a rivalry wherever, but I am asking you to go above what you think you can do. People notice that. Trust me. When you are quick on copy, always have stories for editors and you can act like you know what you are doing on a daily basis, people take notice of that.

And even if your editors don’t need stories, keep in the habit of pitching the same number of stories everyday. It’ll keep you consistent and make you someone they can rely on. That’s a factor you don’t hear me say much about, but it’s crucial to work in the newsroom. It’s especially important in the winter, when things are slow and ads go away.



4 Responses to Always Offer Stories

  1. TheGirl says:

    Im not in journalism, but above and beyond advice can apply to any field. I’m going on medical leave and I’m anally trying to prepare my office for at least 30 days absence. Up and Over!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for commenting. It’s tough going on vacation. I’m still in work mode and I’m having trouble acclimating to getting out of it.



      P.S. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      • TheGirl says:

        Acclimate, trust me!!! I don’t know how long you’re for. But take the time to really de-stress and take care of you, so you can come back to the job you love and do it ten times better. We all know those people who are burned out….you don’t want to be like that

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