Bad Question? No Problem!



What then, is a bad question? How about asking the same question in the same interview? I do that more than I think is normal.

We have to remember no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Not every question is going to be great, just like every story isn’t going to get you a Pulitzer. It’s the just the way it is.

The beauty of it all is that sources understand it. If they have any experience with the media, they know reporters have tons of other things on their minds, besides the story on deadline. They know about the late meetings and stress. They should be pretty understanding.

From what I’ve experienced so far, people are kinder than we give them credit for. I mean, shit happens.

If they give you a hard time, don’t get mad. Learn from that experience. No one likes to come off unprepared or lazy, but, when you have a lot going on, sometimes you can’t help it.

Bad questions happen, just like bad answers.

To combat bad questions, write them down. I referenced it in an earlier post, but I have to reiterate its importance again. Writing your questions down beforehand can only help you. Even if you think you know what you are going to ask, it’s still a nice guide/aid for you to use. It helps you avoid the bad questions and makes the interview that much smoother.

In this job, you cannot beat yourself up for the little things. If you did, you wouldn’t last a month. Beat yourself up on a dumb correction or not being able to finish a story on deadline. Those are things to really worry about.

Bad questions happen when we are on and off the job. Shake them off.

Take a deep breath and ask a different question.



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