Expect the Unexpected

via thehillsareburning.blogspot.com

via thehillsareburning.blogspot.com

It doesn’t matter if you expect an easy morning or not, you have to keep your guard up and expect the unexpected. Call me paranoid. It’s what you have to be sometimes.

Take Wednesday morning for a prime example.

Now, I can’t name names, but it was definitely not my best moment at the Chronicle.

We had received word of a particular event happening later this week. I waited to write an advance because I wanted to make sure I got quotes in my story and I wanted to know more about what was happening and what to expect.

I had e-mailed the person in charge of the event on Monday and made sure she would be available to talk on Wednesday morning. I thought it was good to go. I figured I would have a 10 to 12″ story for Wednesday’s paper and a nice feature for Friday’s paper, with pictures, after covering the event.

On Wednesday morning, the person in charge retracted the “event” we had banked on going to. I called to confirm and reiterated what we were thinking and what the “release” had said.

To say the least, I was stunned. Mike was beside himself and I have to admit I lost my cool a couple of times this morning. I had no idea anything like that could happen.

Thankfully, it gets better. The person retracted the event and I had to fill its place. And I did.

I was able to finagle my way and find a similar tie-in to the story we had originally wanted to do. It wasn’t perfect, but we got by.

I hope it never happens again. It was nerve-racking, awful and really frustrating.

That story has been one of many over the last year. It’s something you can’t really get used to, but, yet, you have to prepare for it. You have to.

It’s never easy and it’ll never be perfect, but that’s what this is. Journalism isn’t really all that fun sometimes.

It is what it is.



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