Nothing Prepares You



Where were you?

I was in the newsroom and saw it on Twitter. I didn’t think twice about it.

I had no idea. My coworkers had no idea.

I will never forget that office, my desk, what I was thinking, and what followed this past Friday. It will always be with me, just like 9/11,  just like Aurora and just like everything before and in-between that I’ve heard and seen.

What more can I say?

I covered a murder about two months into my pro career. It was an isolated incident and the investigation remains open. I covered an attempted murder about four months after that. That’s now in court in the pre-trail phase.

There is no manual for what happened Friday. There is no easy way of doing things. It’s not something any of us will ever forget. It will stick with us. It will weigh on us.

What do we do?

Tell your family and friends you love them. And then go out of your way to tell them again. Remind them why you love them.

This has taken a huge toll on me. I know it’s changed me. I can tell already, but I don’t know how yet.

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

This week my fellow reporters and I will be covering what happened locally. We’ll be putting a local spin on it and we’ll do the best we can. We will do our jobs and we’ll learn a lot about each other and ourselves.



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