Don’t Go To Every Meeting



Not all meetings are as packed as this picture would have you think, but meetings are important. It doesn’t matter how many people are there. Trust me.

I know when I first started, I said I would go to as many meetings as possible. That has changed.

With the rapport I have with my towns, I am much more confident that I can follow up on certain meetings the following day. Believe me, if I could go to the meetings I would. But, with hours constantly being cut, it’s not an option to go to three or four meetings a week.

Following up allows me to still have the story without the late nights.

I really love our split-shift schedules here, but it takes a toll on your sleep cycle. So, by not going to every meeting, I’m still able to have my two stories each day, while keeping myself in the know with all of my towns.

After awhile, I realized that you wear yourself out going to meetings each night. Yes, it’s your job, but it’s something even I take for granted.

You can certainly go to all of the meetings, but what if you have two on the same night in different towns? It’s happened to me several times and the next time is Monday, Dec. 17. I already know which one I’m going to. It’s a tough decision to make and one that I have to make more than I like. It’s frustrating, but the stories still have to be there.

Even with having a nice rapport with people, it’s a gamble not going to meetings. You lose the essence, tension and whatever else happens. I make it a point to put in the dialogue between council and board members as much as possible. It gives the stories a voice they need.

In the end, thought, it’s up to you.



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