Some Stories Really Hit Home



Sunday’s Story of the Week is one I won’t soon forget.

There have been a lot of stories that I will always remember. Some have been really happy, while others have been downright depressing. Of those, some have been easy to write and others have taken all I have.

I just wanted to take a post to highlight some of the stories that I think about either daily or just frequently. I don’t think they need an introduction.

I wasn’t expecting this one to really get to me, but it did. Soldiers returning home isn’t something you can take lightly.

This one was a treat. Edith is a great person and spending an afternoon with her about her future was something I will never forget.

This one needs no introduction, nor any explanation. It’s a powerful story that doesn’t need repeating. We all know.

This story fell into my lap. It’s always great talking to WWII veterans, but it’s even better when they have a crazy story to tell.

On the scene for the better part of five hours, I still think about this story daily. I hope I never have to cover another like it.

I won’t go more than five stories. It’s a lot to read, but I really think it’s worth it.

Some of the stories I write, I don’t think about again, while others really hit home for me. It could be anything. Sometimes it’s a quote and sometimes it’s just a candid conversation with a source. It doesn’t take much to get that extra something special for a story.

As I said last week, journalism isn’t for the fient of heart. You will be tested and stories can have a profound impact on you. These five stories are just from the past three months and there are plenty more in that time that I didn’t put in this post.

When I do my one year recap early in January, I’ll have a top 10 stories post. I’m sure a couple of these will be on there.

As a reporter, I have to get up and do the same things each day, but it’s hard to forget about the stories I write. It’s tough. We are all human and these stories are real, painfully real, at times. It’s something I haven’t seen written about and I wanted to highlight it a bit. yesterday’s post was one of those stories.


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