Lead Writing 11 Months In

Best opening of any book of all time.

via amiraclesocallednyc.blogspot.com (Moby Dick)

I’ve written about leads many times here, here, here, here and here. It’s a common theme on my blog because I struggle with them at times. I’ve been more than willing to talk about it and put my thoughts down.

But I do have some good news this time.

I’m learning and I’m getting better.

Just today, Mike send a lead back to me. We had talked, in brief, about what he wanted the story to be about and I took it and ran with it. I wasn’t sure exactly where he wanted the lead to go so, I tried to get a little creative. I didn’t do anything out of my comfort zone, but I spiced it up a bit to see where his head was at.

He didn’t like it. I didn’t put a specific piece on top of the story, which is fine. I’m not always sure where Mike’s head is at. He has the ideas in his head and it can be hard to get it out of him. If you send him a decent lead and he doesn’t like it, he just sends it back with more information for you to rewrite the lead. That’s what he does for me, at least. It’s a little system I have. I think I know what he’s thinking, but I usually don’t.

It’s usually a quick fix. I rewrite the lead with his specifics thrown in and he usually takes it. I hand in stories early enough where there’s plenty of time to tweak things more than once, if needed. To be honest, that’s happened a couple of times, but it pays to have a cool head.

I know my leads aren’t always the strongest, but it’s nice to have a little system in my head that works. It would be easier if I could read Mike’s mind, but that’s never going to happen.


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