What You Should Be Reading 11/24

Welcome to this week’s installment of “What You Should Be Reading.”

I’ll jump right into this week.

I want to start with Gaza. This “Postscript” from the LA Times is something you should start with.

Even with the ceasefire, there’s still a lot going on. To keep up with the latest try this. I really see this turning into a wider war. What do you think?

Check out this video: Owen Jones from the BBC talking about the recent events. It’s quite interesting.

It just makes you think.

Since the truce things have eased a bit, but the tension is still there.

And I’d be remissed to not include this via The Blaze

And now we awkwardly segue to Black Friday, where in the year 2012, we still have people fighting each other for special “sales.” I really don’t see how millions of people still go out and do this:

I’ll leave Black Friday at that. I mean, what kind of message are we sending. Period. It’s just scary that we, as a nation, still take part in all of this.

Oh and, in other news, there are protests in Egypt.  The BBC has the story here, too. I’m not sure where that is headed, but I’ll make sure to keep my eye on it.

Again, this news is just to think about. I’m sure many of us have our ears and eyes to Gaza at this point and it’s important that we do so. This is a crucial time for Egypt, as well. The Middle East just never seems to quiet down.



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