There’s A Lot To Be Thankful For


I’m thankful that all of my family is in good health. I’m thankful that I still have my job. I’m thankful that my brother and I still get along. I’m thankful for many, many things.

What are you thankful for??

A commercialism stunt or not, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the year and realize what you should be grateful for. It’s not always easy to see these things, but it’s important to think about them.

I wish my Dad had found a job by now, but he’s had no luck. I’ve kept his spirits up and I think him and I have gotten much closer in the last couple of months. He’s a trooper and I respect him more than he knows.

This day isn’t just about football, turkey and pie. It’s about spending this time with your family, whether you love them unconditionally or not, and realizing the fact that you still have each other. We all know how bad things can get in our own lives, but we tend to forget that those things happen to everyone. And we all can relate to it.

I’ll leave this post at that. I hope everyone has a safe, warm Thanksgiving holiday. Eat too much and sleep! I know I will.





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