App of the Month: Dropbox

I don’t have a lot of apps on my iPhone, but I want to start trying new apps that could make my life easier.

I won’t feature more than one or two a month, but I think it will be a welcome additiion to the blog. And as always, let me know if you have an app that you want me to review and look at.


My Dropbox homepage.

Since I’m not an expert when it comes to computers, Dropbox was an easy sell for me. It has to be one of the simplest apps I have ever used. It’s free for 2GB, but you’ll have to spend up to $50 for 500GB. I don’t have that many files yet, so I can’t say how frustrating that must be.

It doesn’t matter what device you are using, Dropbox will get you access to your files. And it’s very quick and easy to get used to.

Also, it works will on Mac and PC, which I tested with my Macbook Pro, iPhone and Gateway PC.

I have it installed on my laptop’s desktop and, as I said before, my iPhone.

How do you get it?? All you have to do is download it from the company’s web site. It’s also available in the Blackberry and Android app markets.

You do have to create a Dropbox account and you’ll need to set up a default location for the files, as well. It’s simple and, actually, it’s a great way to ensure that you know where those files are going when you need them in a hurry.

Dropbox on my iPhone

And in case you aren’t sure if the service is trustworthy, Dropbox announced last week that it has finally surpassed 100 million users. The company is looking to keep up the fight against the giants, including Google, Apple and Amazon.

I use it less than I should and I really recommend it for journalists looking to save huge files, reports or whatever else you can think of. I’ve used it for photos from sources, too. It’s been a great help for me and if I can use it, you can use it too. Trust me.



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