Story of the Week 11/18

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Story of the Week.”


This week’s story is something that gets very close to home, literally.

LEGO bricks toy of the year

I covered the TIMPANI Toy for 2012 at Eastern Connecticut State University on Friday, where they unveiled LEGO’s DUPLOS as the best toy for children. It’s a yearly event and I was more than happy to cover it for Louisa, who had a busy morning on Friday. She had a couple of stories to write and wasn’t sure that she would have enough time to leave the newsroom off deadline in time for those stories to be done.

It was a great event. They had a press conference for it, like they usually do, and I was finally able to meet all of the people from the ECSU’s communication department that I’ve talked to numerous times over the last several months. They were more than happy we were there and we needed a nice newsy feature.

People were more than willing to talk to me, which made it really nice. Sometimes people are really apprehensive about reporters and photographers. They couldn’t stop talking. I was amazed at how awesome the The Center for Early Childhood Education is. Built in 2008, the center is a state-of-the-art facility that I wish I was sent to if I was in preschool again.

The story was even easier to write because I still have the DUPLOs that my parents bought me when I was younger. I know that kids love them because my brother and I couldn’t get enough of them. Plus, having my old DUPLOs now is going to save me money when I have a family of my own.

I encourage you to read the story and, maybe, it’ll bring you back to when you were a kid.




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