Remain Calm


It’s easy to lose focus and freak out in the newsroom. I’ve done it a couple of times. I don’t like to admit it, but sometimes stories and sources can get the best of you. It’s not easy, so you deal with it.

Being such a tight staff, I’ve learned a lot from the other reporters in the newsroom.

One of those is to remain calm and not freak out in the newsroom. And all of that is thanks to Louisa.

She just graduated from the University of Connecticut this past December and was hired full-time over the summer. She covers Willimantic/Windhams and she’s been doing a really awesome job.

Louisa is a great writer and a very thorough writer. She’s also the quietest in the newsroom.

It’s not uncommon for me to get up and walk around on deadline to stretch, blow off some steam or to just walk around. I can’t sit still for that long and I have to get up and do something to fight that.

Louis is the exact opposite. I’ve yet to see her get up on deadline without a purpose. She never raises her voice. It’s honestly something that I admire because I know I’ll never be like that.

I have yet to see her mad, too. Not even a swear.

I get mad easily and it doesn’t take much, either. But watching Louisa every day, I’ve gotten a bit calmer. I’m no angel, but it’s definitely impacting the way I act in the newsroom. I guess I’m just fired up all the time. It almost seems like Louisa doesn’t even have a pulse sometimes.

It’s helpful to have that in the newsroom. It really is. She’s the “rock” and I’m the loose cannon.

Keeping your composure is key. It’s also inevitable that everyone loses their cool sometimes. This is a really stressful job and it can catch up with you sometimes.

It’s crucial to remember that it’s just a job and you can go home at the end of the day. Sometimes you forget that. Louisa has, inadvertently, done that for me.



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