Features? No Problem

Since July, I really feel that my feature writing has gotten much, much better.

This morning, Mike only changed my lead a bit. He shortened it a bit and added a “kicker,” or another sentence after to spice it up a bit. The feature was on a Chaplin native who was given a big a ceremony at his old elementary school for his return from Afghanistan. It was a great ceremony and a great time. I’ll be updating the post with the story when it becomes available.

It was an easy story to write and I don’t think Mike had to change/alter anything else. I’ve gotten more comfortable in my writing and more creative. It’s kind of weird for me to say that, but it’s true. It’s relieving for me because I was struggling a bit with my feature writing.

Some recent features include:

Retirement won’t slow Prague down

Filming begins at Hale Homestead

Coventry’s police Humvee ready to go

Teens take the pledge to stay safe CHS students sign contract against distracted driving

It’s nice to say all of that.

Over the summer, writing all of the first day of school stories, I really got over my problem. I had no choice, but to work on features for practically an entire week. I quickly got my act together and really focused.

That drive has continued since late August into today. My features may not be the best, by any means, but I can honestly say that I’ve come a long way since I started in January.

It’s been a tough road and it won’t get any easier, but with feature writing firmly under my belt now, I can continue to work on all aspects of my writing. And I won’t have to worry about features that much anymore.



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