Story of the Week 11/11

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Story of the Week.”

I couldn’t pick any one story, besides this, so I’m offering a smattering of stories this week that I found interesting.

Coventry tax sale No one has sought extension

This story keeps up with the others I’ve done over the summer and early fall. It’s a follow-up, but it makes you think about what is going on. It gives an insight to the process, while having some fresh news of how things are going right now. It was easy to write and this won’t be the last story on the sale before winter. I can guarantee that.

Teacher uses her talents on self-produced album

This is my special neighbor for the month of November. I fell into this story by attending a Andover school board meeting. It took some convincing from me for Mike to want it, but it all worked out. I got enough space and it actually came out really nice. It’s an easy read and well worth a listen.

Easy day for unopposed candidates

I cannot take credit for most of this one. Michelle had the lead on this one and she did a great job. I helped out a bit, but it’s a really, really interesting story. People don’t really think twice about unopposed candidates because, well, they don’t have much work to do. It gives a great insight to what they think about running unopposed and how they actually want competition. It’s a bit long, but, still, worth a read.




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