BO Wins Again

All of those front pages are thanks to the Newseum’s web site.

Romney’s Concession Speech:

And Obama’s Victory Speech:

Last night was, in short, a nightmare. We didn’t get half of our numbers in from any of our towns, never mind our fringe towns. We really weren’t expecting that, but the late counts most likely came from tons of voters still at the polls. In all honesty, it could have been worse. All of the stories were finished and done last night.

I ended up doing well last night, though. Calling my four candidates, without election numbers, wasn’t too bad. I had to pry it out of them, but it was really a good learning experience.

Having the deadline, which was ASAP last night, with unofficial numbers was a bit nerve-racking, but all the candidates were nice about it. Even the losers in my two races made the time for me and answered all of my questions.

I had to write two stories, one being 12″ and the other 15″. They won’t win any Pulitzers but they will do.

I got into the office around 6 p.m. and ended up heading out shortly after midnight. I wasn’t expecting to stay that long, but Mike had a lot to edit and I got caught up in watching CNN’s coverage of the election.

I got home by 12:30 a.m. and was asleep by 2 a.m. I got about fours of sleep, but that’s okay. It was well worth it. I had a blast and the pizza was delicious. The worst part was the drive home because it was so damn cold.

I really think I prepared myself well for last night because I got some election experience with this August’s primaries. I only had one race then, but each story is pretty much the same, with different names and numbers.

I’ll have more analysis later in the week. Stay warm.



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