The Cleanup Begins

For my two previous posts on Sandy go here and here.

For some horrific pictures of what Sandy did check out a Buzzfeed post here.

Getting up at 4:30 a.m. is something I don’t recommend to anyone. It’s definitely an experience, to say the least.

Today was pretty straight forward. I completely redid the story I wrote after deadline yesterday and called everyone back up, where I was able to get much better information. It was pretty good, especially without an early deadline this morning.

All of the top town officials sounded really tired, obviously, but, thankfully, were more than willing to take time from their emergency operation centers to fill me in. It ended up being over 26″ and was complemented well by a feature Louisa had written yesterday.

This storm really proved how crucial teamwork is.

With one editor, we all got along, turned in clean copy and got papers out on time for our readers. I’m really proud of how we all conducted ourselves and stood in the thick of it under pressure like that. We lucked out by having power, but we still had the paper we finished yesterday just in case.

I don’t need to remind anyone how important newspapers are, especially when things are this bad all over the eastern coastline. For some great front pages from today go here.

Moving forward, we have a lot of work to do. Connecticut Light and Power has more work to do, though.

We have already planned the rest of this week, with Election Day only a week away. Halloween may be in trouble, but that remains to be seen. That all depends on how fast things get cleaned up and how much power is restored by tomorrow night.

It’s only Tuesday and this has been the craziest week ever, for me, at the Chronicle.

Stay tuned for more posts on Sandy all this week.



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