The Extra Mile


Frequently, Mike will ask us if we are “light” on stories. When he asks us that, we know that he’s looking to fill a hole for a feature. It’s just the way he is. He’s getting easier to read.

Mike asked us that same question on Tuesday. He wanted to do a deer versus motorists story, which would focus on the deer’s mating season, or rutting season, that shows an increase in accidents involving deer.

I immediately volunteered myself. I didn’t know what I was in for, at the time, but I wanted to do it. (It really was a nice/easy feature) I’m not really light on stories, but I picked it up anyway.

Drivers: Watch out for deer is the end product.

My theory is that I want Mike, or any of the other editors, to know that they can rely on me for stories. I’m willing to go that figurative “extra mile” to prove that to them. If they need something in a hurry or whatever the case may be, I want them to come to me first.

Is that selfish? Well yes, but when it comes to getting the paper out, on time especially, I don’t want them second guessing any of us, including myself. It’s all about trust. And we all have our jobs to do.

I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but, sometimes, it’s nice to not have to write hard news each day. Writing more and more features helps your writing, from what I’ve experienced, and helps get the creative person inside you thinking. I need it more than other people.

I like putting myself in situations like that because I am such a hard news dependent reporter. It’s good practice for me and, overall, a good practice to get in. It shows commitment and dedication, while proving you are capable of doing the task at hand.



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