I Procrastinated

We have our candidate profiles due today. I finished them yesterday, all four of them.

I should have had them done weeks ago, when they were assigned.

I let them slip away. I was going to do them on Saturday, but, instead, I covered Chris Murphy’s visit to Willimantic.

I’m not mad at myself, but, rather, I’m an idiot for not doing them sooner. It took me three hours yesterday to finish them. Three hours is a long time when I don’t have a lot of it. I highly reccomend not doing what I did.

I said I don’t usually procrastinate, but I’m a liar. I got lazy. Simple as that.

But we all procrastinate in different ways. I have several. So, here’s a list that may help you out.

Do you have any specific places that you go to while your procrastinating? Help me add to this list! I know we all do at some point, even if we don’t realize it.

Are there benefits to procrastination? Nothing like a good Oprah.com piece to make me feel okay with myself after the last couple of weeks.

It’s really in our best interest not to procrastinate, but it’s inevitable.



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