Worry about You

via wbur.org (Disclaimer: I am not a Patriots fan.)

You will not be the only member of the press at certain events. I’ve been at several events, the Murphy, McMahon debate being one of them, where there are a ton of other reporters and news channels present. 

It’s just a part of the job that you have to get used to. Sometimes they show up to the same accidents and crime scenes and sometimes they don’t. It shouldn’t bother you.

I was at “Woman helps catch burglar,” when a TV station showed up just as I was finishing my interview. I played it cool and made sure I asked the rest of my questions. It wasn’t like I was going to get mad. They have a job to do, as well. They are just trying to get the story. 

This story from the American Journalism Review (2006) helps to put it into perspective. It’s a part of life now. The news channels and even other newspapers are everywhere nowadays. We all know that and life goes on.

At first, it bothered me when I would be at some type of event and other newspapers would show up. I can’t really pinpoint why, but it just did. It made me mad. It shouldn’t have.

Now, I really don’t mind it. I have my own note-taking and responsibilities to worry about. I really don’t let it get to me anymore. When you are at an event, you can’t be worrying about what the competition will write or say. You have to focus on you and making sure you have a better story then they do. That should be your goal.
I will admit that it’s quite easy to lose focus at events when there are so many other reporters there. It can be intimidating. And that should add more fuel to your “fire.”
No one likes to get shown up.
So don’t let them.

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