What If?

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My path to journalism wasn’t ideal, but it worked for me.

I decided asked myself what would be different if I had started my “career” earlier.

Had I started writing in high school, I think things would be much different. I’m not sure where that idea came from, but there are actually many different tools and resources to get kids involved in journalism while they are in high school.

I mean, take a look at the High School Journalism Initiative. It’s insanely creative and hosts free on-line content management. Teachers don’t have to be experts, but they could tell kids about it.

Obviously, high school teachers are very busy and a “dying” field like journalism may not be something they want to point their students towards. I don’t know. I’m not faulting my high school teachers, I’m just asking the “what if?” question.

Had I been introduced the profession earlier, I think I would have fallen in love at a much younger age.

I truly think that my writing would be different. I would have had several more years of practice and experience before wasting my time at a college I would end up leaving.

It would have been nice to get that extra few years in. Maybe that’s selfish, I don’t know.

They even have high school journalism conventions. That’s insane. I would have never have guessed that.

Or we could even talk about the Cronkite Institute for High School Journalism. (It’s in Arizona if you are wondering) And I’ve never heard of any of this before.

I would have liked to been shown the door to the profession, while I was in high school. Maybe there are more programs and opportunities now for students to make their own decisions about it. It certainly looks like it.

Were you interested in journalism in high school? Did you work on your high school newspaper?

Let me know!



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