The WhitePages


It took me a while, when I first started, to realize that the WhitePages are online. I had no idea.

The WhitePages is one of the most invaluable tools I use on a daily basis. You can always call the town clerk‘s office for board and commission rosters, but it’s not always the fastest way to do things. Sometimes, you just need to know things now.

It’s such a simple thing to use, as well. You can find a business, a source and even do a reverse phone look-up all on the same site.

Yes, there are other sites, like 411, and they all do the same thing — make your life much, much easier. These resources are your best friend. They give you area codes, zip codes, addresses and phone numbers for people how you are trying to find.

It’s led to the creation of sites like The New Ultimates, ” a new type of index” with 25 net services available for anyone who visits the site.

Yes, this is real. I didn’t make this up.

With this site, everything is at your fingertips. Information you may not even need or thought about before.

Disclaimer: As a journalist, I’m not looking up people’s personal information for no reason. I’m looking up specific people for specific goals for my stories.

Anyone can go online and find out whatever they want about anyone. It’s easier than you think.

Plus, we all get our phonebooks in the mail anyways.

The information is out there, you just have to know where to go to find it.

In a rush, it’s easy to get names, addresses and phone numbers for people you may want to talk to.

Using it on a daily basis now, I barely think twice about it. I just search and get what I need. And, as I said above, it’s made my life easier and my editors, as well. They know I’ll be able to track someone down and get the quotes we need to complete a story, if there needs to be a question answered.

It’s a game changer.



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