You Need to be Flexible


If I’ve learned anything in the last nine months, I’ve come to realize that I have to be as flexible as possible.

You have to be flexible when it comes to stories and just how you think your day may go.

All it takes is one armed robbery to throw you for a loop. You can’t plan for those things, but you have to be able to adapt when things happen.

And the same thing can be said about stories.

I usually know how a story is going to go before I’ve gathered all of my information and talked to the sources I’m planning to call. I can visualize the story in my head and start writing it when I get the idea.

Sometimes, that plan changes and I have to adapt. All it takes is one source or one tidbit of information to throw everything off.

Sometimes that tidbit or quote changes the entire dynamic of the story. Don’t worry. That’s okay. It’ll make the story more interesting. It also teaches you to adapt. And it’ll happen more than you think. It’s kind of nice to not write the same hard news stories each day.

If you can get used to “curveballs,” you’ll be fine. They aren’t always the easiest things to deal with, especially on deadline, but it’s really not the end of the world.

Being flexible is a part of the job and it takes practice.

You have to prepare yourself for editors that may throw stories in your lap, whether you want to cover them or not. Again, it’s a part of the job. Those stories may be the holiday roundup or the weather recap, among others. You have to sit down and make the calls, either way.

You won’t always be covering things that you want.



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