Getting a Tip


Getting a tip is an exhilarating experience.

I have touched on this before, briefly, in a recent post.

I didn’t really get into it in detail, but with recent events I really think an entire post is necessary.

Two Saturdays ago, while minding my own business, a source called me around 4:30 p.m. and gave me a tip . It was a 10 minute conversation, with me taking notes and asking some obvious questions, but it was a good tip. A very good tip.

I could feel my heart pounding.

At first, I had thought I had messed something up in a story last week. I was expecting a very different conversation. I had no idea what I was in for.

I will not talk about the details of that conversation, but I will tell you that I confirmed everything last Monday with the appropriate sources and got a story out of it.

I DID NOT throw the original source under the bus. I didn’t just report each and everything that source said. I verified everything and double checked my information before I handed in that story. I made sure I didn’t burn that bridge. The original source went out of their way to bring me up to speed and give me the heads up on what was going on and I wasn’t going to have them regret that.

After the conversation with the source, I immediately e-mailed and texted my bosses to give them the heads up before that Monday morning. It helped get rid of the “shock” on Monday morning and lets them begin to “plan” what the paper will look like.

The rest is (Harassment complaint filed against chief ) and (Harassment complaints detail lurid language ).

I will actually have another story in today on the same complaints. I will update this post when it becomes available.



4 Responses to Getting a Tip

  1. opiningquill says:

    The report was factual, fair and balanced. That being said it has generated a great deal of discussion in town much of it way off target and distorted. Nice job as a journalist you did it right and can hold your head high. Can almost see the smile on your face as you scoop the Courant and the JI. Tip my quill to you on that one.


    • I was surprised they waited so long to cover it. You always have to check your competition. Those stories were easily the hardest ones I have had to write.

      And I keep my eyes on the Facebook comments each day, too.

      Appreciate your comments and thanks for reading,


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