Big E

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My parents and I went to the Big E on Saturday. I took pictures of almost everything we ate.

I didn’t take pictures of maple cotton candy, a plate of Chinese food and another London Broil.

Here are some tiny food reviews of the food I had with my parents.
The first five pictures are from my lobster bisque and my Mom’s lobster stew.  The lobster stew probably had an entire small lobster in it. Still, my bisque was amazing. I had no complaints. My Mom’s was $10 and mine was $5 and it was money well spent. I highly recommend it for any seafood lover. This is the main reason why I come to the Big E.

The $2 Boston Cream Cupcake came from the Massachusetts building. I wasn’t planning on eating a cupcake until I saw the case full of them. It was a great treat. The fudge-like frosting was delicious and the cake part of it wasn’t dry, at all. It was the perfect size. We split it and had no complaints. Again, money well spent.

From the Vermont building I had a $1.50 Vermont Maple Cream Cone, which was simply perfect. I didn’t appreciate the 100% increase in price from last year, but times are tough and I respect that. I would have had three, but I restrained myself. For a nice sugar high, I would say you should try this.

From the Connecticut building my Mom and I split four chocolate covered strawberries. For only $4, I had no complaints. The strawberries were fresh and we each had two. I needed extra napkins because I made a mess. They had other chocolate covered fruits there, including, mangoes, bananas and more.

Also from the Connecticut building was a specialty soda booth. My brother had purchased the cup the night before, so, my Dad and I enjoyed it on Saturday. We had two cups of light birch beer and one cup of sarsaparilla. It’s quite sugary, but itreally hits the spot. We brought our own water bottles, but it was nice to have a soda throughout the day. Oh and did I mention there were unlimited refills with the purchase of the cup?! Money well spent by my brother!

Thanks to the Butcher Boys, my Dad and Mom enjoyed two London Broils on the day. I didn’t taste it, but I can tell you that it looked and smelled delicious. The lines were long for most of the day, but it was surely worth the wait. My Dad couldn’t eat them fast enough.

My least favorite “meal” of the day was my clam fritters from the Rhode Island building. Too much fritter and not enough clam. I was thoroughly disappointed and, frankly, pissed that my $6.75 was wasted. I ate most of them, with the help of my mom. I don’t know if it was just me, but I won’t be looking for those again. I actually had an upset stomach for the rest of my time at the Big E. I’m not blaming the fritters, but I thought I should point that out.

Of note: I’ve gone to the Big E every year for the last 20+ years. I don’t remember too far back, but I cannot recall the last time I saw that many people there. It was insane. It was impossible to walk in a straight line the entire time.

I really enjoyed my time at the Big E and I hope to go again later this week. That’s probably wishful thinking.

What did you like about the Big E?



2 Responses to Big E

  1. opiningquill says:

    You are correct in your opinion as to the size of the crowd it established a record of just over 164,200 for the day, the largest single day ever at the Big E.

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