The Notebook

I’ve talked about what pens I use and my note-taking “skills,” but I’ve never touched on the importance of the notebook.

Today we have the iPad, iPhone, netbook, laptop, etc., but none of those can replace the reporter’s notebook. I don’t think you can take notes with an iPad. If you can please let me know.

An icon itself, the reporter’s notebook is, arguably, the most important took for a journalist.

Like my pens, my notebooks are always with me. I usually have two used and two fresh notebooks in my bag at all times. I keep the used ones on me, in case I need to “empty” a notebook if we are short a reporter or if Mike needs more  copy. It pays to be paranoid because it’s happened many times.

Not only does a notebook not have to be plugged in or turned on, the notebook is simple and easy to use. All it needs is two hands — sometimes one — to turn its pages. All you need is a pen to get started.

These notebooks are perfect for inside a jacket or in a back pocket. It’s lightweight and is the number one indicator that you are a reporter.

Be sure to keep your notebooks safe. You can never be too organized.

You don’t have to use this exact kind of notebook, obviously, but, no matter what kind you choose, it will be your most important tool.

Make sure you trust yourself and your abilities and let your hands do the work.


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