At our weekly staff meeting yesterday Mike informed us that reporters are going to be taking much more pictures than we are now.

I was anticipating this, due to our recent furlough days and the cutbacks in our hours, and I welcome it. I’ve started a bit already, but I’m in need of more help with my photography skills.

My fellow reporters and I were all on the same page in agreeing that we should help the photo department. It was a little bit of team unity that has been quite a theme this week. We all said we had cameras and, now, we just have to take pictures.

I’ve said this before, but I’m, by any means, a photographer first. I’m a hard news guy and I think you can tell from my blog that I am in desperate need of some help with my pictures.

At a recent interview, I took my own pictures. I took about 30, but none of them were very good. I consulted with Roxanne, our head photographer, and we decided that she should go out and take better pictures.

A quick Google search provided over 40 million results, so I know where to look for quick questions. I also have Roxanne and Al, our second shift photographer for everything as well. I really think that I should be asking them more questions for tips and advice.

I said that I would a bunch of posts ago, but I never did. With the start of school, things have gotten pretty intense, but that’s still really no excuse.

We’ll see what happens next.



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