Story of the Week 9/9

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Story of the Week.”

First, let me say that this week was INSANE.

This week’s story is an update to this post from early August.

Fire victim has uphill battle is the story that I really think has been the best story I’ve ever written. I’m not saying I’m glad she’s in a coma. I’m saying I’m glad and thankful that David called me and let me ask him some tough questions about him, his family and what’s next for Kathy. Of all my clips, that is the one I am most proud of. It wasn’t hard to write, but it just made me think about this post

I got lucky with this story. I called a source, who has ties to the fire, that I’ve been keeping in touch with over the last month. When I called after deadline on Thursday, my source told me she was, at that moment, e-mailing David my information. The rest is in the story. I thanked that source a million times in the three minutes we talked on the phone. I never expected David to call me back. I’m glad he did.

We ended up talking for over a half hour. I didn’t need to ask many questions because David really wanted to talk.

I tried my best to encapsulate what he went through that Tuesday morning. I think I did okay.

The fire is being investigated as arson and has been for over a month. Those with any information on the fire can call the State Police Arson hotline at (800) 842-7766.
Read the story and let me know what you think.



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