Back to School Recap

This week I’ve had to do two “live” stories. Being back to school week,  we covered all of our major districts first day back.

A “live” story for the Chronicle means going out to wherever it is you are going to talk to people, sources and, in this case, little kids, all the while you are on deadline. You try to get as much information as you can in a very limited amount of time. For me, both towns are roughly spread out, but it was less than 20 minutes to get to each school.

The trick in all of this is to talk to as many people as possible, so that you have enough quotes for your story. I was worried the entire time, for both stories. You can’t make parents and their children talk to you. You can only hope that they will take time out of their lives to stop and answer a few questions. It’s all about luck.

It was kind of chaotic, but we got it all done.

I covered Coventry’s G.H. Robertson Intermediate School Tuesday morning and, on Wednesday, I covered Lebanon Elementary School. I wish I could tell you that they were both easy and I didn’t worry at all. I really wish I could.

Thankfully, I only had to take pictures for one of them (scroll down to see how that went). For the stories click Coventry and Lebanon.

I’ve never covered back to school week before. It was interesting. People were either really excited to talk or just kept on walking, which is fine.

On Tuesday, it didn’t help that it was pouring outside. Pupils and their parents were literally running for cover inside the school. In both cases, it worked out really well. It was nice to meet a lot of the teachers and administrators at the same time. Instead of seeing them at board meetings, I was able to see them on their own “turf.”

Am I looking forward to back to school next year? NO.

For Lebanon, I brought my camera and took my own pictures. It was nerve racking because it’s really not that easy to quickly put away your notebook, while trying to grab for your camera. I had fun with it, but I’m still getting the hang of it all. Photography is still not my strong suit.

Now, some advice…. Don’t stand with your back to the sun.

A lesson learned.

Disclaimer: I fuzzed out the faces of the two above because they have nothing to do with this post.

Our photographer, Roxanne, and I had some big laughs over my pictures because 75% of them had my shadow blatantly ruining the shot. I really didn’t see my shadow in the pictures until after I got back to look at them. I really felt dumb, but thankfully we were able to find a couple that we let our editors choose from. It worked out fine, but I was stressing for a good half hour before that page went out.

I have no excuse for that one.



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