Do I Work Too Much?

The idea for this post stems from the above Facebook conversation.

I don’t think that I’m constantly working. I do have this blog and I try to read as much as I can. Neither of those things are work.

A couple of things that I do that can be considered work are constant Google searches looking for stories, listening to my new scanner constantly and always thinking about work.  Oh, and I am obsessed with pens.

But I don’t really turn my brain “off” when it comes to work. You can ask anyone.

I always check my e-mail and I forward story ideas to my bosses and fellow reporters daily. I’m sure it’s annoying for them, but that’s how I work. I can’t really shut it off.

And that’s where I think Sarah is coming from. I need to learn  that I have to put my phone down and “relax.” Even as I write this I am reading other newspapers and thinking about back to school coverage this week.

It is tough for me to turn the journalist in me off. That probably sounds ridiculous and I completely understand that it does, but this is who I am. I’ve thrown myself into this profession and I don’t want to mess it up. Call me weird or paranoid, it’s all the same.

I blame Twitter, too. My addiction to the  site really has me glued to my phone and computer, regardless if I am at work or not. While I’m online on both I can’t help but look for story ideas, scoops or possible features.

Even when I was at The Recorder (CCSU) I was like this. I was constantly e-mailing and texting the staff about possible story ideas. It was an addiction then. My job then was to fill the newspaper.

Now, my job is much different, but I still have the same mindset. I, obviously cannot carry the paper by myself, but I have that mentality. I don’t know why. I wouldn’t be able to write eight stories a day on deadline anyway.

This is something that I have to work on.

Like Sarah said, burnout is real. This NYT article from 2010 is a great example.

I’m doing okay right now. I’m tired, but that’s not a problem.

This is all a work in progress.



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