First Run at Elections


Being the newest member of the full-time team at the Chronicle, Mike asked me to “cover” the 19th Senate District primary this past week. Dems primary to be on the ballot in 19th Osten looks to job creation  Reynolds touts legislative past

I wrote the stories for Monday’s paper and I think they came out pretty good. I also called each candidate on Tuesday night, after the polls closed, to get an “instant” reaction of how people ended up voting. That story came out okay, too.

I didn’t go all out for it with weeks of coverage,  but I did my first two candidate profiles, complete with “Bio Boxes” for each. It was a good experience. It was also a good dry run for the upcoming November elections.

At first, I was a bit worried. I mean, why would they put the new guy on the primary coverage?

As it turns out, it’s not that bad. I found it to be a great change of pace and “scenery.” It was a new challenge.

Also, I found it oddly fun to talk to candidates to learn about them, their ideas and why they think they should be elected. For me, that was fascinating. I wouldn’t say it was “easy,” but both were great to talk to.

For my first crack at it, I thought I did okay.

I am now looking forward to November and whatever coverage we decide to do. It will be a blast. My coworkers keep telling me that I shouldn’t be so excited, but I can’t help it. Elections are fun to me.

Just talking to Reynolds and Osten about their “vision” for the 19th District absorbed me. I found it riveting.

With the new Romney/Ryan ticket, I am especially excited for the upcoming presidential debates.

This “dry run” helped me get a better understanding of how we will cover the November elections and what will be expected of me. I know I’ll have more elections to cover, with councils and boards, in the near future.

And unlike budget season, I now have some experience to guide me along the way.



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