Awful Situation

I will not go into much detail on this story.

I was at Coventry’s town hall dropping off a couple of papers for the town’s finance director, when I heard at least five police cars fly by on Main Street (Route 31). By then, it was the late morning and I was planning on heading home.

I finished my conversation and went to get gas down the street. While I was getting gas, I saw four more police cars fly by, none from the Coventry Police Department. I got my gas, and tried to follow them. I ended up calling Mike to find out if he knew anything. He did and pointed me in the right direction. I had no idea it was going to turn into that.

I shouldn’t have been in the area. I should have been home waiting for the night’s meeting. I had no idea what was going on.

The photos above are from when I was told, by emergency personnel, to head to the nearby school. I remembered my camera and grabbed a couple shots. I wasn’t sure if our photographer on duty was going to be able to run to the scene. They came out pretty good.

This story definitely shook me up pretty good. Even still, I don’t think I’ve gotten my head around it yet. This one is definitely a bit more to digest.



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