There Will Always be Distractions


There will be expected and unexpected distractions in a newsroom.

Editors and reporters may scream, yell, swear or laugh at any point in time. You have to prepare yourself for it. There may or may not be a TV or radio on, for an extended period of time, as well. Also, conversations will run rampant in a newsroom, but that, and everything else, is all quite small compared to the distractions in the Chronicle’s newsroom this week.

The Hartford Poultry Company was located on Capitol Drive in a building that now houses the  Chronicle. I can’t tell you how long ago that was, but the past couple weeks we’ve been having our roof replaced. The workers are working as quickly as they can, but while they do that they are making an ungodly amount of noise. We could literally feel the work above our newsroom, at times. It wasn’t consistently loud, but, rather, short and loud bursts of noise. The entire office would shake and you could see the ceiling shake.

The roof needs to be redone. I’m all for it. It’s just part of our daily life at work now. I still have to write and get my work done. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s really not that.

I don’t need perfect silence to work in the newsroom.

You will never get peace and quiet. I promise you won’t.

At the Chronicle, we have our presses in a huge room directly next to the newsroom. Through a window, you can see the paper being printed each day. With our presses, we print many other papers and magazines. The presses are constantly running. It’s not loud, but is definitely noticeable. I mean, I’m sure it’s loud, but I’m so used to it, that I barely notice.

Obviously, the Chronicle isn’t your typical newspaper, but I’m sure with bigger papers the noise level is comparable.

As a reporter in college, I didn’t need complete silence to write. I just needed my headphones.

Thankfully, that hasn’t changed. I use my headphones occasionally, but not too often.

The reason I bring all of this up, is because some people cannot work in a “loud” environment. I completely understand that. I was never told in college that there may be a possibility my office could be within 15 feet of an entire newspaper printing operation. That thought never even crossed my mind.

It’s vital to be able to work, in any environment. Some days it’s nice and quiet and other days everyone is on the phone talking to sources. It’s easily overlooked, but it’s another thing to think about.

It’s another thing that may not cross your mind when you are thinking about moving into journalism.

You’ve been warned.



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