ALWAYS check your email


After Tuesday morning’s adventure, I cannot stress enough that your e-mail needs to be checked regularly.

I know I’m not the norm here, but every morning when I wake up, weekday or weekend, I check my phone. It’s a weird system. I always check my e-mail first. I can’t tell you how many e-mail accounts I have, but it’s too many. I comb through and make sure I haven’t missed anything. Twitter is always second on my list.

Fortunately, my work e-mail magically appears on my phone, so it’s a nice tool to have. And with my iPhone I can send and receive fairly messages fairly quickly.

DISCLAIMER- Always call your sources first. Always. Never rely on e-mail. It’s just a bad habit.

Always make sure your inbox isn’t full, so you can get messages when they are sent.

It’s just a good practice to consistently go through your e-mails consistently. You don’t want to take the chance of missing anything. It’ll make you look silly. In today’s world, what excuse would you use for not checking you e-mail? Especially with everyone my age, 20-somethings, having smartphones and laptops.

Why the seriousness? On Tuesday, had I not checked my messages when I woke up, I would have missed Mike’s e-mail about the fire. I would have gotten to work and not known what was going on. I would have looked irresponsible and, to be frank, like a bloody moron. People depend on each other in the newsroom. Mike has certain expectations of me and I’m doing my best to keep up. I don’t even want to imagine how mad he would have been, had I not checked my phone before coming into work. It would have been bad, very bad.

Thankfully, I check my phone and I check it often.



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