The Night Shift


The night shift isn’t that bad. I’m sure veteran reporters have horror stories, but it’s really not that bad.

The reporters and editors have a rotation, so you never get the same editor twice.

I actually love the night shift. It’s like coming into work early. We never turn on the lights on and it’s generally quieter than usual, with the scanner being the only chatter.

I bring my own dinner and write stories for the upcoming week. It’s busy work, but it helps to get a step up on the next week.

Sometimes there are deadline stories to write, but those are usually just 10″ to 12″ stories to fill space. We use a lot of wire stories for the weekend.

We also tend to do the bigger features for Saturday’s paper. My most recent one being : In case of emergency Towns to prepare for the worst during statewide disaster drill. I called a ton of people on Thursday and took the picture myself Friday. I wrote it on deadline when I got in. It’s a nice little system we have. Also, it helps to have a much longer deadline, in case something happens.

We all have one ear to the scanner, at all times. You never know what’s going to happen and, with a photographer also in the newsroom, anything breaking will have a picture and a story. It has to be something “big” because we can’t waste time.

My favorite part of the night shift is the editing. Since there is only one editor on duty, the reporter fills in. We edit the pages to look for anything we can find. Sometimes I find a couple of things and sometimes I find nothing. The practice helps me and I enjoy it, actually. I don’t know if I could ever be an editor, but I definitely would like to learn more about editing. My only problem? The editors are too busy doing multiple things each day that it’s hard for them to have any down time.

Nothing “crazy” has happened, while I’ve had the night shift. I’m not saying that I wanted something to happen, by any means, but it’s been rather quiet.

We will just have to wait and see.



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