Always Bring Your Camera

I should know better. I guess I make these mistakes so that none of you will ever have to.

The other day, I noticed I couldn’t find my camera. I knew I was in trouble for two reasons: 1. I cannot afford to tell her I don’t know where it is. 2. I need it for work for emergency situations. The best part of the camera is that it also does HD video, but I digress.

I thought nothing of it coming into work Thursday, without my camera. I knew that I wasn’t going to need it, so I didn’t look for it before I left for work.

Long story short, read this.

I learned the hard way that I needed my camera. Mike called me, thinking I had mine. I can’t blame him for thinking I did. I should always plan ahead. Like I said before, I should know better.

Not only would having my camera then relieved the stress of taking the pictures with my phone, but it would have made everyone in the newsroom breathe a bit easier.

When I got home I had my parents and I go on a scavenger hunt to look for my camera. They graciously helped me and my Dad ended up finding it in my room. #Facepalm

Camera’s are great to have on hand for any event or situation. The story is what you are looking for, but the photo brings that story to life. And it helps to just bring one everywhere you go. I learned that on Thursday. I shouldn’t have to be asked if I have my camera. I should just have it and bring it.

I won’t even try to give camera advice in this post. Go to for more information. They have cameras from a couple hundred bucks to the $1,200 plus price range. Nowadays, anything will do the trick.

You just have to remember to bring it with you.



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