Motorcycle versus Camry

Yesterday was a bit crazy. The photos above are from an accident just off Route 6 in Willimantic, on West Main Street. To find out what happened read this: Motorcyclist critical after Route 32 crash.

The call came in just moments before our weekly features meeting. All that came across the scanner was “Life Star.” Being the closest the the scanner, I wrote it down and waited for the rest of the call. In my six months, I’ve never heard a call start that way. Next over the scanner I heard “motorcycle versus car,” and I stood up. I looked at my boss and waited for the road. “Route 6 and West Main Street” came next. I asked Mike if I should go. Obviously, he said yes.

I grabbed my keys, wallet and phone and ran to my car. I could hear the sirens from the fire trucks/ambulance on Main Street.

I “flew” to the scene. I may have followed a rescue truck from the Willimantic Fire Department, but I’m not sure. If you zoom out a bit on the map, I parked at the dental office a couple hundred feet away from the scene. After I parked, I ran across Cantor Drive and through the parking lot. I came upon about seven bystanders looking over the bushes at the accident. None of them knew what had happened. I moved closer to the scene to the blue marker on the far right.

I was taking down notes and trying to see what was going on. Being on silent while I was at work, my phone couldn’t tell Mike had called me to take pictures of the scene. Our photographer was too far out to get any “action” shots. I quickly called him back and told him I would take pictures with my iPhone 4. I took about 30 pictures over the next hour.

After being on scene for a little while, I noticed two men across the street who appeared to have been mowing at the time the accident occurred. I ran across the street and talked to both of them. Only one of them knew what had happened. He and I stood facing the scene as I asked him question after question about what happened, what he saw and what he heard. He was really cooperative and gave me a real “picture” of what happened.

I stayed on the scene for another 45 minutes, just seeing how traffic was and watching what the police were doing. Our photographer ended up getting some great shots from the bridge behind the scene.

The accident was the worst I’ve ever seen and I’m going to leave it at that.

We actually ended up using one of the pictures I took and one from Roxanne, our photographer.



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