Addicted to News

I have to thank @BrittanyEBurke for guest posting this week. She’s a great friend that I love to argue with. She will be a success in no matter what field she continues in. However, I will continue to bother her to blog more. I always want to know what she has to say.

Also, today Britt turns 22.

Honestly, I cannot imagine the transition Britt is going through. She’s been “trained” in journalism for the better part of four years and now she has to completely take a 180-degree turn. For me, it’s hard to talk about. News and getting information out there is my life. I can’t see myself doing what she wants to do. It would be too hard for me.

I know what Britt is capable of, and I know she could be an outstanding sports reporter. As I said before, I also know that Britt will be fine in whatever she chooses to do. It’s hard to see her leave the journo field, but it’s still exciting to see her follow what she wants. I truly wish her the best.

The transition for her won’t be easy, as she said. It will be tough and I’m glad she realizes that. Everything she has learned is out the door, but thankfully she can use her writing skills to her own benefit. I am excited for more guest posts from her as she starts her journey to get her master’s degree.

One thing I will not be arguing with Brittany about is the economic aspect of her decision. I cannot and will not sit here and try convince her she will make more money being a reporter. For her, she is making the best decision for herself, and her future.

We all change our minds for different reasons. I know I did.

I know the journalist in Britt will never go away.



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