Get a Routine


In an earlier post I touched on my routine, but I wanted to explain how important a routine is.

Just like each blog post, I plan a day or two in advance for what I am going to write about. I update my “list” of stories as needed, but you will need to teach yourself to plan ahead. You can’t count on breaking news happening each day you come in to work. You need that “list” to keep you on task and to keep you from freaking out.

Obviously, each day is going to be different, but I like to have a set routine each day.

My system isn’t very complex, but it keeps me sane. It’s repetitive yes, but it works. If something falls through you have backups. You need backups. I don’t care if they are 10″ stories or not. You will need to be ready.

Also, when we get breaking news we can’t just run with it sometimes. You have to take a step back and plan what you are going to do. You can’t just go all gung-ho sometimes. It’s frustrating, but it helps to be as calm as possible.

One of my biggest stories (Alleged shooter suffers from war-related PTSD )broke in the early morning in May. I found out about it on my way to work and was briefed on it before I sat down to start my morning. I was already antsy to start calling people to get everything going at 7 a.m.

Thanks to my routine, I was able to calm down and plan out a strategy to “attack” the story. I wrote down the people I wanted to call and started thinking about what my story was going to look like. Without my routine, I don’t think I would have been able to get that story. It would have been a scattered story.

Not everyone’s routine will be the same. And everyone reacts to situations differently.

Sometimes stories just hit you in the face and sometimes you have to make 20 calls before you get something. It changes and you have to adapt. Having a routine keeps you responsible and on top of what you are covering. It doesn’t allow you to forget and it eliminates procrastination.

Find out what works for you.



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