Lots of Pens

In response to my “Note Taking” post, I forgot my most trusted tool.. My pen(s). No matter where I’m going I have at least four pens on me. There is always one in my shirt, one in my hand and at least two in my pockets.

I don’t just use any type or brand of pens, either. I use BIC SoftFeel. I have no idea why I like these pens more than others. I couldn’t explain it if I tried. Right now, I use both black and blue. They even work in the rain!

Right now… you can get 12 for $6.86.. kind of expensive I know.

I probably have over 30 pens in my bag at all times, too. I guess you can call it an obsession, or maybe paranoia. I worry about either not having enough pens or having a pen run out of ink during an interview. They are in my car, in my room, in my pants, all over my desk and, well, everywhere.

The “click” pens just make sense for me. I don’t have to worry about writing on myself and they are a little “hip,” too. After a while on the job, I think everyone finds their own specific type, or brand, of pens.

Since I started, I have yet to forget to bring my pens with me. Also, I have yet to run out of ink while interviewing someone. *knocks on wood* I do worry about that, too. My editors have told me horror stories that they’ve heard over the years of reporters forgetting pens and having horrible stories because they had to scramble to find a pen. I learned that lesson fairly quickly.

It would look awful and unprofessional if you had to ask for a pen during an interview. That’s something you cannot let happen. You would lose your credibility and any respect they had for you.

In fact, a pen and a reporter’s notebook is usually the only thing the distinguishes a journalist from your normal citizen.

That’s why we always carry a pen. Excuse me, lots of pens.


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