Being a Team Player

We have a small newsroom at the Chronicle. It’s about the same size as what I had at The Recorder at CCSU. We have three full-time reporters, each with a specific beat, a part-time reporter and a couple of free lancers. Everyone helps each other out all the time.

We are all pretty close. Over the last six months we’ve covered Friday night shifts for each other and went to meetings others couldn’t make it to, among other things. It’s a part of the camaraderie. I’ve asked others to cover meetings for me when I had another to go to. I don’t really think twice about it. I don’t think the others do either. It’s an implied understanding.

Obviously, we are all busy. The full-time reporters have three to four towns each to cover. We can’t be at multiple meetings at once and then have enough hours left to cover the weekend events. So, it definitely helps to have the part-timer and freelancers to cover what we can’t. It is tough not being able to cover some of those weekend events, but as long as we get the coverage, I’m okay with it.

Just today, I was asked to cover a Friday night shift over a month away. I agreed and that was the end of it. I didn’t think twice about it. We all have lives out of the newsroom and we all understand that.

The way I see it… It’s not always about you in the newsroom. Yes, we all want our stories to be on the front page and above the fold. That’s our expectation each day. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. The newsroom is about putting that aside to make sure all the news gets in the paper.




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