Too Many Clips?.. No Problem

When I first started this blog I thought it would be a great idea to put each clip into a clips page, but that didn’t last long. I think I went almost four months without organizing any of my clips. It was a pain and, truthfully, a waste of everyone’s time.

I had been searching for an online “portfolio” to help me organize my clips without the annoying task of saving/exporting them to infinity on this blog. I don’t think people want to scroll down to a clip they have no idea about. I needed to be able to put them in order and let my readers make the choice to read each particular clip. Why would anyone want to read a story with just the headline showing, anyway?

In May, Media Bistro’s 10,000 Words” saved my life. In that post, they showcased five different ways to solve my problem. I quickly went through all of them and chose It changed my whole outlook on posting clips. At my profile, I can easily share my stories without having people question what the stories about. The site allows me to put a sentence or two, with the headline. It has easily been one of the better decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Screen shot here (taken by my Macbook Pro)

I’m not saying that the others won’t work for you. I’ve found something that works for me.  I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve cataloged almost two full months now and it’s going quite well. It makes it easier on my family. It’s simple and easy to use. If I can use it, anyone can. Trust me on that.

I try to update my profile daily or every other day so that 1. I can tweet it and 2. I don’t fall too far behind uploading the PDF files.

Thinking ahead, the portfolio is great for building your resume online and showing what you are capable of doing. It’s also is nice to have easy access to your clips in the same location.

Think about it.



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