Early Deadline

Today we had an hour early deadline. Stories had to be done at 9 a.m.

So, instead of our usual two stories each we were told to pick just one. I picked “Lebanon mulls brand new charter study group” and got it done before 9 a.m. It took me awhile to do because I messed up on a few of my other stories that ran today. See “Franklin admits school budget a bit high” and “Housing authority’s snow policy leads to complaint.”

They were things that I should have read a couple more times before I said they were done. Those stories didn’t take long to fix, but they threw Mike off and didn’t help the editing process for the paper today. I felt bad. I should know by now to reread and double check my stuff. Maybe I thought they were done? I don’t know.

We were all on high alert today. I wouldn’t say that we were “rushing,” but we were definitely going much faster than normal.

After deadline I started, if I remember correctly four more stories, so that I have a jump start on the week with a council meeting coming up tomorrow. This week is pretty full with story ideas. Either way, it’s nice to get a little heads start on the week.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad.


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