For Monday!

One obstacle that I have found while working full-time is MONDAY. Being full-time you want to have your own story “budget” and have things lined up for when you need them. You have your “must haves” and “whatevs,” but you need to have them written down somewhere.

I have a list like this in my bag at all times. Each morning I go through it and decipher what I want to write for the day, who I need to call and what to plan for the next day. I write down who to call for each story and some topics, or questions, that I need answered.

It’s pretty simple and I make sure I do it each and every day. I cross out what’s done or “working” and keep my list updated. By the end of the day that paper is full of notes, numbers and anything you can think of. That paper keeps me sane and keeps me working.

Now that I am writing 600 words or less for stories I realize that I don’t need to ask people every question I can think of. Also, I’ve come to learn that the people I call, on a regular basis now, don’t have the time or patience to do that.

Thankfully, I am starting to get to know some better than others, but it’s a “game,” so to speak. You never know who is going to be available and who isn’t.

Anyways, the point of this post is MONDAY. You have to plan for it. I’ve learned that you can’t always write all the stories you want  in one day.

Today, I spent two hours talking to people, or trying to, so I could have at least three stories for Mike on Monday. President’s Day is next week and all the town offices will be closed, which means no one will actually be available.

But it’s the little things like that, which you get you prepared for the next week. Now, I can come in on Monday and give Mike a wide variety of story ideas that he can either take or tell me to write them, and then hold them. I like giving him that option.

It’s still taking some getting used to, but the more meetings the better. They are goldmines for stories.




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