Moving Forward

I can’t even begin to count how many stories I wrote this week. I really surprised myself and I’m glad that I did.

Two Mondays ago I had no stories to write for Mike. Last night, at my first night shift, I wrote four stories. It was nice to catch up and get those out of the way. Mike likes to know what he’s working with and I am more than happy to write them for him.

I already have three or four waiting to be printed, but Mike likes a variety and he can’t just run Grand List stories. Those can run anytime. I didn’t write every story that I had to work with because I need to wait until some more towns approve more “budget stuff.” That’s fine by me. Writing budget stories is awesome, but I need to make sure the numbers that I have for them are good to go.

I’ve been able to get “close” to most of the superintendents in my towns. I know that sounds weird, but I have to. I think it’s really important that I let them get to know me. So far, so good, on that end.

I already have my meetings lined up for this coming week. I’m debating going to one on Monday, but I think that I should. I want more stories to write.

A couple weeks ago, I was worried that Tuesday was going to be a meeting, but it actually worked out.



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