What a day

Forgot to post this yesterday… lol

Today was intense.

Mike gave me a story on deadline this morning (Local Lawmakers SOTU Reaction). The story, a local lawmakers reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address was harder than I thought it was going to be. Mike gave me the legislators to call and told me what he wanted. There was no miscommunication at all, I just got flustered.

I had a little bit of trouble getting in contact with the six people he wanted me to talk to. I ended up getting five to get back to me, in addition to some press release quotes that Mike had given me. The story came out great, but it took me too long. I was leaving voicemail after voicemail until about 9 a.m. when things got crazy. Before that, I was so nervous. It was like the “deadline rush,” but more panic than anything. I really was worried that I wasn’t going to finish the story on time.

All of the legislators started getting back to me all at the same time. It wasn’t my worst case scenario, but I’ve never had that problem before. I can’t really complain about everyone calling me back, but it was tough to manage. How do you plan for that? The worst part was I knew Mike was swamped. We had all given him stories at the same time and it didn’t help that most of us ran long on those same stories. I felt bad.

When I started writing, I didn’t really have a plan of action. I didn’t have enough time between phone calls to start organizing the story. I think that was the part that, I think, freaked me out the most.

The best part was that they all wanted to talk to me. They were really into it. They all gave great quotes and it was nice to get to know them. It was interesting the way the different parties spoke about Obama. It was neat and a complete nerd moment for me. I had questions, but I let them talk. I don’t like putting words in people’s mouths.

When I finally handed the story in, I asked Mike if I could sit next to him. Probably a dumb question at the time, but I was really worried that what I had wasn’t what he was looking for. He quickly said no and I agreed that he was more than swamped. I felt dumb for asking. There will be a next time.

I haven’t read the finished product yet. I’m sure Mike cut a lot. I gave him 26 inches for a space that I think he only wanted 12-15 inches. I panicked. Not my best work, I know, but I think he got what he was looking for. I wish I had had a little bit more time. The final product would have been a lot better then.

I’m glad I made it through another day. I really appreciate the faith Mike has in me.



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