The Importance of Sleeping and Eating


Every morning, during the week, I have a yogurt for breakfast. It’s not the most filling, but it’s breakfast. For the first week I was at The Chronicle I ate nothing, at all. I was too nervous and too silly to realize that when your stomach is hungry, you have to feed it.

In the second week here, I decided to bring fruit options for lunch including fruit cups and clementines. I also had brought a box of Life (Cinnamon) cereal, but I never ended up eating that. I brought that back home and ate it for dinner one night. Yes, I ate one of the smaller boxes in one night.

Lately, I have realized that I need to eat more food. Not just more food, but better food. I need protein. Yogurt is a great starting snack, but I need to start making sandwiches or something. I haven’t gone out to lunch while at work because I just want to get my work done. I’m trying to save money, so that option doesn’t really work. My dad has sandwich meat in the fridge and I have yet to make myself a sandwich for work.

Every morning I really think about it, but I just end up bringing pretty much nothing to eat at lunch. It’s pretty lame on my part and I don’t really have an excuse anymore.

It’s not impossible to write on any empty stomach, but it’s not something I would recommend to anyone who wants to do this everyday. I know growing up I never ate breakfast. I was an idiot. Even if it’s something small, I can tell the difference.

A new goal I have is to wake up a bit earlier each day to make myself something to eat for lunch. It’ll take less than 10 minutes and I owe to myself to be healthier and actually have food. It’s nothing against fruit, but some cheese sticks, a sandwich and some Shark Bites would really be better.

weirdly via

Speaking of waking up, I’ve learned that going on three or four hours of sleep is a horrendous idea. The past week I’ve been going to sleep around two in the morning. The answer to this is easy: go to bed earlier.

Now, I can think of a hundred things to say that would require me to stay up until two in the morning, but all of them are just plain dumb. Unless I am writing a story, I should be in bed much earlier. I mean five hours is a helluva lot better than three hours of sleep.

Granted, I did cover a bunch of meetings this past week, but I was done writing them by 10 p.m. Like I said in one of yesterday’s posts, I hate yawning. I don’t have a problem with other people yawning, but I have a problem with myself yawning. I can’t explain it beyond that. I’m weird.

Along with eating better, I need to sleep better. End of story. All of this may seem pretty easy to do, but I’m an impossible person.

My writing isn’t suffering from any of this, but I think that if I slept more and ate better, my writing would get better, too.



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