Week 3 In the Books

I handed in my neighborhood watch story around 7:30 this morning. That left me with a half hour to wait for my phone call with the Coventry BOE chair. I wanted to talk to her yesterday, but she was in meetings all day. The story I need her for is the public school calendar changes. They’ve had to update them twice so far this year and it’s getting down to the point where, if we get more snow, it could impact when they get out of school and their high school graduation.

I looked over Mike’s shoulder today when he was going over the big story and he really liked it. He changed my lead, moving a resident’s quote up to the top, but it really worked out for the best. Mike said my flow was good, too, which I’ve been trying to really work on these last few weeks. We went over it for about 15 minutes and he didn’t really change much, besides my lead. BOOM.

The BOE chair and I spoke for a half hour. I am really looking forward to “working with” her and the other board members. She was really open and gave me a few story ideas that I can pursue after budget season starts to die down. It went really well. She welcomed me to covering the town and made me feel really welcome.

On a side note, Mike joked that I’m not a morning person because I don’t write my meeting stories in the morning. I told him, like I’ve said here before, that if I wrote the story in the morning it wouldn’t be the same as the one, if I wrote it that night. He laughed. I’m pretty sure I am a morning person. I’m not angry when I get up, but I’m definitely not singing or anything. I can get a lot done if I’m in a rush in the morning. I guess I like writing it at night because it’s fresh in my mind.

An intern started today. He sat next to me. He is from Eastern and, from eavesdropping, I think he writes for their paper. It took me awhile to introduce myself, thanks to some phone calls, but he is actually a pretty cool kid. He is from Madison and is in his last semester at ECSU. We talked sports, news and Newt Gingrich. I’m definitely looking forward to working with him. It’ll be nice to have another person to talk to.

This week was pretty good. No complaints from my side. It was nice to get paid and get some front page stories. I am still very excited about my feature on Jim Preston, which I am 95% sure is running this weekend (Saturday’s paper). Once that is online I will have it on my blog ASAP.

Speaking of having stories on my blog, Sarah, the reporter that is leaving, showed me a great way of getting my stories onto my blog without scanning them or putting them in word documents.

Next week, I need to make sure that I actually try to get some sleep. My yawning has become a nuisance for myself. I mean that. Everyone in the newsroom yawns and it’s not frowned upon, but I guess that I just don’t like it. We all like a good yawn once in a while, but not every five seconds. Maybe, I have been yawning like this every day and I just noticed it now? I don’t know.

Stay tuned for another article on my Clips page.






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