No More Recording Interviews

When I was at The Recorder last semester, I recorded every interview. I had gotten the recorder of my dreams a year ago for Christmas and I used it for everything. I would have a notebook with me, but I wouldn’t write down as many notes as I should have. I relied on the device for quotes and context in those stories. I was dependent on the recordings.

It worked then, but there is no way that I could do that now. I bring my recorder to work everyday, but I have yet to use it. I thought about bringing it to the Andover BOE budget meeting, but I never turned it on. It was in my pocket the whole time. The writing that I am doing now is much different and I am taking more notes now, than I ever have in my journalism career.

It’s nothing against the device. It works great. I have to keep working on taking notes in interviews. It’s not that I suck at taking notes, I’m actually pretty good, but I really don’t think Mike wants me recording meetings. When I asked him about it my first day he didn’t seem too thrilled that I wanted to do it the way I had at The Recorder. I have no problem with that and I actually like taking more notes now because it makes me really pay attention and if I get lost I have it in my notebook to look back on.

I think my stories have gotten better without using the device. I have no real proof of that, but I’m not wasting time going through interviews to write stories anymore. I stopped transcribing whole interviews last semester and that has really put me in great shape for this job.

Plus, there is nothing better than a brand new reporter’s notebook with “NEWS” written on the cover. I’ve already gone through about three already in three weeks. Mike let me take three more yesterday.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

New clip is up right now- Storrs Neighborhood Watch Group



6 Responses to No More Recording Interviews

  1. My desk in my room is just used and new reporter notebooks lying around. I love it! Only use a recorder now when I need a quote word for word in a press conference type setting.

    • Yeah, I think I am going to use my recorder for the budget meetings. Being new to that kind of story I want to make sure I get it all right, since officials may call me out for saying the wrong thing. If they do get mad, I can just play them the recording.

      Love me some reporter notebooks, though.


  2. Sometimes when an important person gets up to speak at a town council meeting or something like that I hit record. Otherwise, I just rely on notes. It’s worked out well so far for me.

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